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My Applications - console

Cloud Disk

Steps below show you how to share a file inside your group.

  1. 1. Launch your BigAnt console > go to the page App Management/My Application > click on the Console in the end of the row Cloud Disk
    Cloud Disk - console
  2. 2. Click on Department Cloud Disk > New Cloud Disk > enter a name of the folder then Save, also you can set the maximum storage of this folder
    Department - Cloud Disk
    New - Cloud Disk
  3. 3. Just click on Authorize in the end of the new created cloud disk, check users that need to access the folder, and set permission to each member.
    Set permission - Cloud Disk
  4. 4. Login from the client, and then click on the option Cloud Disk to open it
    Client - Cloud Disk
  5. 5. There you will find the new created folder Test, click on it to access files
    Documents - Cloud Disk
  6. 6. Upload a file by clicking on Upload, now this file is sharing to all members who have access to this folder.
    Management - Cloud Disk


You can search for bulletin messages by subject or by creator in this page.
Management - Cloud Disk

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