System settings

This is to setup the profile of whole BigAnt messenger system,and the changes here will take effect to all users and normally require Sync WebServer and Sync IMServer.


A brief introduction of system settings

  • Automatically clear messages and files (by 180 days)
  • Record login logs (Check this option,logging information of all users will be recorded.)
  • Enable multi-devices online concurrently (Check this option,users can be online on different devices simultaneously.)
  • Enable OU permission management (Check this option, the OU permission will take effect Learn more)
  • Enable mobile devices validation
  • Server Cluster (coming soon)
  • Disable changing password on client (Check this option,users will be forbidden from changing password.)
  • Enable P2P transfer on client, Threshold(M) (Check this option,one can transfer files of large size quickly to another without being recorded by the server.)
  • Audio and remote access are relayed by server
  • Disable group sharing files
  • Disable audio chat (not available)
  • Disable video chat (not available)
  • Disable sorting order by online status
  • Message transferring encrypted
  • Enable Validating by Friend
  • Enable security level